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New patches

I've changed from the NiQuitin 21mg patches (which I took off before bed), to the Nicorette 15mg Invisipatch as I was having trouble with getting the patch to stick, and horrendous itching - I would be left with a swollen red lump after wearing it.

Have put the new one on this morning around 5.45am, seems to have stuck ok so far, but I am really dizzy!!!

Could that be because of going down in strength? It's really not nice!!!

Forgot to add, I am now on day 12.

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Hi Marie,

Hope you have got over the dizziness now.

I found that when I stepped down a patch strength I felt a bit woozy for a couple of days then it settled down if that helps any.



Hi Gaynor

Yes, the bad dizziness has gone, but I'm still a bit "out of it" - slightly lightheaded.

Been craving really badly this afternoon, and been trying to top with with an inhalator but it's not really stamping on the cravings as I hoped.



Hiya Gaynor

Try the 1.5mg mini lozenges with your patch they have really helped me.

Lillie x


Hi Marie

I used patches for a while and all over sudden I had the same problems with them. Itching , almost allergic to them. I don't know why it happened but I switched to chewing gum and inhalator then and it worked. :D


I'm really having a struggle today.

Day 13, which is obviously my unlucky one.

Very lightheaded, and screaming out for a smoke. This is really not good. I don't how to switch this off!! :eek:


Sorry Marie,

I don't have experience with patches as they were a disaster for me. Have you had plenty to eat as that will help with the lightheadedness. Sorry to be useless, but ride it out cos you will feel great when you do:D


Zoe xxxx



I'm still a little bit lightheaded today, but nowhere near as bad as yesterday.

Having a good nicotine free day today - or I was until I spoke to my mum who is a smoker, told her I'd done 2 weeks.... she said "I hope you're not going to become one of those holier than thou types"!!! :eek: How's about being proud of me mum eh?!!!!

Ah well, not going to let her sarky comment get to me. Daft old bat! :rolleyes:


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