wobbled into month 3

Well its 67 days since my quit and I'm still here even though there have been times when I thought I might not be!! Had a few wobbly days recently which have surprised me at this point but like everyone said - its a rollercoaster of a ride! I guess after so long the initial momentum has dimished somewhat and lead to a bit of a slump where I've started thinking "well I've stopped, so what?". I had a really bad day on Monday where I had my first proper craves for ages. That said it started with my neighbour (who is a crank) pounding on the wall at 7.00 in the morning and well, just wasn't a great day from there. Also, in my annoyance I forgot to take my morning Champix :eek: I won't do that again for a while although I have managed to cut down now. It made me realise how strong the illusion is that a cig makes you feel better as the day sorely tested me. I'm proud to say I cam through it though :D

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  • Well done on staying strong JoC and congrats on 67 days, fantastic achievement and it would certainly be a shame to see all that hard work go to waste.

    I know exactly how you feel though - recently I have started to think "I've stopped, now what?" - This is where reading other peoples comments in months 4,5 and 6 have helped me. The way I see it is that this quitting smoking is always going to be a daily grind for a few months to come - some days are easier than others, it’s that simple.

    I think the key message for people like ourselves who are around 60 days quit is to not become complacent because one puff will see us falling fast.

    Keep it going.


  • Well done JoC on getting here :)

    I still have wobbly days too, I guess it's all par for the course.

    I just remind myself that I had bad days when I smoked as well. And smoking never made it go away, like a magic wand.

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