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Day Three

pffff, well on my third full day of stopping smoking... Saturday was my first full day which involved lots of drinking - hard as this is when I most 'enjoyed' cigs. Yesterday was fine as was suffering from a hangover which is when I 'least enjoy' cigs. And today was a mixture of things.

Although I know that cigarettes do not help concentration and that they actually make it worse, I still relate smoking to periods where I need time out to concentrate on what it is that I need to do and I have had 11 hours of this today.

Putting that aside I'm still really pleased I have done this and really excited about the fact that it's going to become easier. I know this because of you lovely people and your stories so thank you very much!!!

Good luck everyone and keep going :)

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Hi Charlotte and well done on getting to Day 3 which is the hardest of the early days:rolleyes:

And don't worry about the concentration, it does come back quite quickly, I had to really force myself to concentrate especially when trying to read, as I was missing whole pages:eek: But now I can read for several hours at a time without a problem So give yourself time, it's early days and you are doing great.



Hi Charlotte,

Well done on getting to day 3, and welcome to the forum :)

I can't really say much on concentration as I'm about as good as Homer Simpson most of the time anyway :rolleyes:

Just trust Zoe :D


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