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Ten month role call for the new years quitters

Hey Guys... I have made it to the end of the tenth month of my quit... I can honestly say that I am very proud of my acheivement... its been a tricky year but I have stuck with it and am still going strong...

I can go for a week at a time and not even think about cigarettes now, but very occasionally I am overwhelmed by the urge for one... a trigger for this is looking out of the lounge window... I stood there and smoked my last ever fag on NYE, so maybe thats why.

anyway we are all so close to the penthouse, who is still with me?? :D

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I'm here :D

Still have some good and bad times but they're very much in isolation and a lot less intense.

Managed to knock off half a stone of the stone i put on when i quit, the 2nd half a stone is proving more troublesome but i know i'll do it.... albeit slowly:rolleyes:..........breaking one habit at a time as it's less stressful ;)


I'm here! Have struggled through a rough couple of weeks with my brother dying, and my theatre company's latest production opening this week. Both situations were new to me since quitting smoking so they've provoked some tough cravings. But that aside, I've been doing great for ages - and I now know that I can face down the toughest days and not light up, so there's pretty much no trigger that holds any fear for me now. Every cloud has a silver lining!

I can't go back to my old life. Not ever.

So looking forward to partying with you all in the penthouse!

H x


still here and going strong 99% of the time have an odd bad day here and there but it is really few and far between now

well done to my fellow new year quitters



im still here!!:) congrats all my fellow new years quitters--we are at 10 months!! so hard to believe that this was gonna be possible but we have proved that it can be done!

i only think about smoking once in a while --i chase away the thought quite easily......2 more months and we celebrate our year guys!!! yeah for us:D


I'm still here and going strong. I very rarely get any urges now and know that I will never go back to smoking. Well done everyone, soon be in the penthouse.


I'm still here too!!! 10 months today for me.

The penthouse is getting so close now!!!! Can't wait


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