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Here for another 18 Days

Sorry i have been so quite.

Had an unusualy busy weekend proud to say I am on day 43 and still smoke free.

I must admit I still have crave's nothing like the first few weeks LOL, but I find if I have a Drink the Crave's come HARD and FAST.

I nearly smoked on friday, Gail (For the newbies, my OH) had gone to bed it was about 12:30pm and as I went around the house to lock up, low and behold there were Gails smokes on the Tv stand.

At this stage of the evening I was MORE then a little "Piddly" as we had just concluded an "informal" dinner party.

With more than enough Merlot under my belt I eyed out the packet of smokes thought F@#K it, one wont hurt.

Soooo smoke in one hand and Gail's Pink lighter in the other I went round to the pool area put the smoke in my mouth (whilst Guiltily looking from left to right, to see who was looking!!!) then it hit me!!!

I thought ASSH@#$LE what are you doing ? you been drinking and typical man, now you wanna cause KAK (South African Word -Google it)

Put the smoke BACK! empty your wine glass and GO TO BED!!!

So after telling myself off in no uncertain terms, I decided to listen to myself as i have been told on accasion I DO know what I am talking about LOL.

But yea maybe a lesson to "Newbies" it sneaks up on you out of nowhere!

Stay Strong (Sorry for the long post)

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Strange how those sudden urges creep up on you eh!!

Good job you got over it Gary

The funny thing is, it's the same for all of us. The sneaky look around to see if anyone was looking. But the only person who it's actually cheating is yourself!

Keep it up fella! Almost 2 whole months!!


Hi Gary, and congrats on getting to Day 43:D

Phew, that was a close one. I don't think I could have turned back if I had a cigarette in one hand and a lighter in the other:eek:it just shows how strong you are.

With regard to alcohol, I must admit I have done quite a lot of drinking during my quit so far:o and one of the annoying things is that every time I have a drink my hand automatically reaches out for a cigarette that isn't there, and then I realise that I don't smoke any more. I find that drinking can bring on a slight crave, but if it does, I know that it is only because I am drinking and isn't a 'real' crave, so it isn't a problem. But I can imagine getting caught out at a party though, especially if I was around other smokers as it would be too easy to say 'stuff it'. My Mum's friend's husband, who gave up smoking donkeys years ago, went to a wedding recently and had so much to drink he lit a cig and when tackled by his irate wife, he realised what he was doing. He was so drunk he forgot he had given up smoking LOL!! Fortunately, he was okay afterwards, phew. I can imagine that scenario too, maybe not now, but a few months down the line.

Anyway, well done for telling yourself off Gary, that was brilliant:cool:



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