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day 37

day 37 and everything is going well. got a cold right now had it for a few days which is making me want to smoke a bit in reality i know it would not help at all. i guess it's one me those trigger things . feel ill so i.ll have a cigarette to make me feel better type things . not to worry though i will get past it. coughing and feeling like rubbish right now.

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Aaaargh pfaber, sorry you've got a cold:( You need hot toddies, half a pint of brandy with a drizzle of lemon, that will fix it;)

Hope you better soon,



Well done pfaber, sorry you've got a cold though :(

I'll second Zoe and add blankets and a couple of good films.



thanks for the advice it.ll soon be gone . have a good day.


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