No Smoking Day
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Whinger of the month!

If today is anything to go by the title would be mine.

So I havent smoked, got close to quitting the quit but didnt. Ive upped my lozenges to a whole one again as as the day wore on it was becoming a crave that I wasnt going to win.

I think Ive challenged myself enough for the moment and will follow the correct process for cutting down.

I obviously wasnt as tough as I thought I was, but hey ho Im still here.

Lillie xx

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So proud of you lillie....and I saw your post on bye, bye fags.

Wow that is spooky!!!. My nan however (and subsequently both my mom and I1) believed in fate and you reading my post confirms it LOL!

You're doing will spend lots of wonderful years involved in your grandson growing up, now you've quit!!!!

P.S. I still remember how my nan smelt of her favorite perfume...don't let your smell be one of fags. That's what I keep thinking too when I think of my son smelling me.

We'll get through this together, tough one today, but tomorrow is another day!



Take care Lillie.

You had been reducing your NRT very rapidly. I was feeling very weak by comparision. I'm now 7 weeks quit and have been throwing pills in as required up until today. I'm not sure what time scale is recommended but although I'm trying to cut back I'm also prepared to throw all the NRT that is needed at this thing for as long as is necessary.

Hope that crave is passing. We both know that it will pass as long as you stay strong.:):)

I'll be watching for your progress. Please don't let me down.;)


Hey lillie,

I obviously wasnt as tough as I thought I was, but hey ho Im still here.

You are tough or you wouldn't have got as far as you have done, so lozenges shmozenges:D The NRT only does a small part of it, YOU do the rest. And your doing it:D If I can, you can, so go easy on yaself babes.

You are strong:cool:

Zoe xx


Hi Lillie

That's right, you're still here and that's all that matters.

Do whatever it takes, no-one is judging you.

You ARE tough (in a nice way!), you have to be to take on this don't be hard on yourself.

Tomorrow will be better. Hope you've got something nice to look forward to.



That there sounds like someone who's winning - all be it a little tired of the fight.... but winning none the less.

Keep up the good work :)


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