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No Smoking Day
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Day 19 and a reminder!

Well, Day 19 how did I get here?

First morning where I didn't miss smoking-BIG BIG achievement for me. I only realised in hindsight how this morning passed like a breeze.

Had a visit from my Aunty today, sadly she is fighting lung cancer, she only stopped smoking when she was diagnosed. She was smoking 60 a day for as many yrs and she just stopped, just like that, screwed them up. Her regret is that she didn't stop earlier, she didn't know she could until she had to choose.....smoking or living. We had't told her till today but she was mighty pleased that myself and my OH quit nearly 3 wks ago, it's a bleak reminder of the dangers of smoking. I think she felt happy that from her situation maybe 2 other lives will be spared the anguish of ill health from smoking.

On a positive note, today I have had more than enough inspiration to keep me going with my quit, and my cravings and moods seem paltry in comparison to the effects of chemo, all I can say is what an eye opener today has been for me!

Wanted to share my thoughts as I have been really touched today, think my nicodemon has retreated in absolute shame, hope he stays there for good!!!

Pip x

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Hi Pip

Thanks for sharing this with us - a very sobering reminder of why we are all doing this. I'm sure that your aunt is so proud of you both.

Nearly at that three week mark now - well done!


Congrats Pip !

You have done superbly, my thought and prayers with your and your loved one's in you aunts time of need :(

Stay Strong !


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