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How to quit smoking ?


1 smoking from now on, or completely quit smoking gradually reduce the number of ways, usually 3 to 4 months can be successful.

2 lost all cigarettes, lighters, matches and ashtrays.

3. To avoid the usual habit of smoking in a place or activity.

4. Postprandial drink water, eat fruits or take a walk, get rid of the idea of a cigarette after a meal.

5. Addiction to, you should immediately take a deep breath activity, or chewing sugar-free chewing gum, snacks instead of avoiding use of cigarettes, can cause blood sugar, obese.

6. Resolutely refused the temptation of cigarettes, constantly remind ourselves, and then enough to quit smoking cigarette plans come to naught.

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Help my willpower

Hi all that know me, I so want to conquer this drug or smelly cig but my willpower has gone AWOL. I have had 3 fags today so far and each one has left me feeling crap but that doesnt stop me in my tracks . But hey im thinking if only i could smoke without that smell as we all say that i guess. I have tried on numerous times but fall by the wayside. I have severe pain at the moment as awaiting a cortisone in my shoulder and im niggerly moody and restless is this a good time to quit ? What do you think, you see i can be all of those temprements without a fag. Unfortunately i cannot have the Champix as i take other med the patches make me itch. So loz it is. Dont ask me to go CT because i know that wouldnt work for me. I do have allan carrs audio which i have listened to over and over till im bored senseless. Well i suppose i havent left you much to help me with but if you can please reply with any wonderful and new ideas for me to try. Well done to all who have passed me by in their quit. Jacqui


Hi Jacqui

Good to hear from you, hope you are ok...

Now for my 2 penneth worth, you will be suprised at just how much willpower each of us has inside.

The key to this quitting malarke (IMHO) is is the 1 tool that allows you to prepare for what is ahead, and gives you a distraction when things get hard.

The first step however is to stop, just throw the horrible things away and remove temptaion, I know this is hard but every successful quitter has at some point just had to stop lighting the next cancer stick!!

You CAN do this and the fact that you are here now shows you WANT to do this so why not just take that step? Whats the worst that can happen?

Good luck to you, lets see you post in the 1 day section eh?



Hi John, many thanks for your reply and i will endeavour to do whats right. My hub smokes but outside its when he comes in i get the smell which stinks well thats a good sign is it not. I then think well thats what i smell like i dont really want to smell well not of fags anyway. Ok winter is creeping in gradually that means if very cold out i dont want to freeze my butt just for a fag.. Good point now to focus on positiveness which i have done before so i know it can be done again. Here goes i smoked my last fag at 3pm today 24th oct today no more cancer sticks. I have to do this because i need to. If you see me in day 1 or day 2 os 3 then im on my way. Jacqui


Hey Jaqui,

I have severe pain at the moment as awaiting a cortisone in my shoulder and im niggerly moody and restless is this a good time to quit ?

My life is about as stressful as poss at the mo so if I had waited for a good time to quit I would prob never have got started!! But I read somewhere, not sure if it was on but somewhere, that if you quit when you are stressed you have more chance of success because you know you can deal with stress. But if you quit in an easy time, then the first time some stress comes along we end up smoking again? Not sure, just what I read. But I am still going after a month. So if I can, you can. Wishing you all the best and hope shoulder is better soon.




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