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Sneaky craving

Well I thought I was doing so well having had such a good day yesterday, and I didn't expect to get a serious crave today as if I make it till 12.14pm tomorrow I will have gone a week with no nicotine. So I set off for my walk in the park which usually helps me, but when I got there I saw a lady smoking and out of the blue I thought 'I want one of those':eek: Now that was a really sneaky one. It led me to a whole chain of negative thoughts, 'I can't do this', 'its too hard', 'don't want to give up' etc. etc. etc. I didn't even CARE about blowing my quit on the day before I make it to a week:( Had a panic attack as well to add insult to injury. BUT I didn't smoke phew:cool: Don't really remember how I got through it, guess I remembered the horror of my first few days, and didn't want to go back, and I thought about the things I didn't like about smoking too. And went to the charity shop and bought a book I wanted (only 20p!!). Maybe I got a bit complacent after a good day yesterday, but won't do that again. AND I got an ice-cream in the freezer for Ron (lateR-on!!).

All calm again on the western front now, phew!! And here's to tomorrow yea!!


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Well done Zoe,

Just keep thinking back to the suffering you have gone through to get this far. I know I still look at smokers and this oh I wish, but it is easy now to this really I don't. This is just because it is new give it 6 months and we probably won't even bat an eyelid at smokers :D

Keep going you are doing really well.

Lingy :)



Those cravings can hit once in a while, so just be ready to accept them and 'ride the wave' until they are gone. Honestly, at some point you will get to a point where you wonder what smoking was all about.

Just the other day I saw a tobacconist, and thought to myself, "what a strange concept to have shops that legally sell addictive and pointless cancer-inducing substances."

I realized that when I was young, I must have been attracted to the whole rebellion of smoking - as only adults could legally smoke, but in reality, fifty years later it suddenly struck me that I had in fact been a sucker (no pun intended).



Thanks Lingy and Alex,

I think the worst thing about that particular craving was that it was so sudden, normally it kind of creeps up on me. Anyway it knocked me for six lol. But I know I have to learn to accept the cravings and not let them put me into a negative frame of mind for hours at a time. Alex, I was thinking yesterday that cigarettes should be banned, but if everyone who smokes in this country had to go into nicotine withdrawal at the same time I reckon things could get pretty chaotic and we would probably have riots!! I just wish there was more support available and that more people could realize that quitting is doable. Anyway enough from me, just for today I will not smoke I hope:)



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