No Smoking Day

Emotional Freedom Technique

Has anyone tried using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) when stopping smoking?

I've learnt this recently for other issues and checked on Youtube and there is a number of videos of using EFT to curb craving.

I thinking smoking suppresses many emotions and I remember when I quit before feeling almost grief stricken. EFT is a nice little ritual and that in itself may be of some use.

I am going to try it next when week when I stop (that will be day 9 of Champix)

I'll let you know if it helps!!

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Is that the tapping thing? I remember I tried it around day ten when I was going a bit loopy one afternoon. I guess it helped, but only because it kept me concentrating, and it took me so long to go through the whole ritual that by the time I'd finished I felt better! I guess it's like any meditative technique. I'm not at all sure that the tapping actually achieves any specific physiological result.

However, I'm a firm believer in the 'whatever works for you' school of quitting.

Best of luck!



Love to try new things and will give it a go. I think it works on the principle of opening up your energy lines and helping with clarity of thought.

I did the tapping around my eyes before for reducing puffiness and relaxing tired eyes and it certainly worked.


Yes Lizzie - it was recommended to me by a friend, and I included it in my 'armoury' of tips/strategies/aids when I planned (over planned?!) my quit last year. I have the "Addictive Urge Reduction Procedure" instructions stuck to my kitchen wall. It has helped me through several craves ...

.... although sadly, I usually walk straight past it and stick my head in the fridge/cake tin/biscuit barrel ... but thanks for reminding me!

I can definitely say that, psychologically, it was a big help. As far as I was concerned, the more safety nets/diversion tactics/alternative things to do or think about I had, the more likely I felt it was that I would succeed. With 5 months + under my belt, it seems to have been part of a strategy that is still working.

Best of luck for next week Lizzie - please keep us posted,




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