Day 21

Well I have reached day 21.

After posting the other day it all went down hill, I had an attack of the visual disterbance (migraine without the headache) which made working hard then felt sick and wanted a cig, think the nicodemon tried to take advantage. Glad to say managed to resist.

Have had trouble sleeping, brain been wide awake while i have been tired so for the last 2 nights i have had some herbal sleeping tablets, bliss lots sleep, will try sleep with out them tonight.

The night cough has more or less gone but boy have i started snoring:eek:

Well I will be starting pack 4 of my patches tomorrow, can't believe how fast it's gone.

Am worried about going on holiday on 9th Oct as don't really want people to see patches so will have to find a place to wear them that can't be seen, don't think I will risk not using them but saying that I mean to try and do lots swimming. Don't think they will stay stuck for long.

Better go, will catch up later


2 Replies

  • Well done Jane

    Not only on the number of days but the willpower to not give in. I reckon you will be fine on holiday :)


  • Hey Jane

    Way to fight the demon!

    They make "clear" patches...if you want to try them out...

    Have a great vacation!


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