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Day 11

Day 11, still going strong.

It has just hit lunch time in the office. My office is right next to the back door and everyday I see the smokers make their mass exodus past me to go fill their lungs. It doesn't make my stomach knot any more. It makes me smile and take a deep breath :)

I asked my 9 year old daughter if she was ready to go to school this morning. She asked me if I was "going outside" first.. I asked her when the last time was that she saw me "go outside" (I was that ashamed of the example I was setting her, I didn't even use the words "smoking" or "cigarette"). The penny finally dropped and that look on her face was priceless. She looked so pleased when I told her it had been 11 days!!

I constantly seem to be blowing my own trumpet at the moment but I hope this may just encourage someone in their early days of quitting to keep on going. It is so worth it, and so much easier after the first week.

Good luck everyone!:)

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Brilliant, it's a good feeling isn't it!

My 8 yr old berated me this year before the annual school fair......

"Now, Mom, you do realise that you can't smoke at the school fair don't you"

How small did I feel that she felt the need to tell me that, but it's these little episodes that spur you on to quit and to keep going.....I think all quitters should have a mini me on hand as they actually see more sense at that age than we do as adults regarding smoking!

Pleased to hear you are doing so well, and keep feeling smug when the others go past for a smoke ;)



Well done both of you:) I'm on day 11 now and feeling great, feeling light headed seems to have passed now and so have the restless nights I had for the first week. I think the biggest thrill for me is being able to stand at the shop checkout and not even want to ask for my cigs - great feeling to come out of the shop with that money still in my purse:D


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