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Seriously doubting Champix

After having taken Champix for 17 days I am seriously doubting the effectiveness of them. I don't want to upset anyone else on this forum who is taking it, but i have to share my feelings. Okay, so I cut down my cigs when I started on Champix, but I had done that anyway. The last day I smoked I only smoked 7 cigs, but when I quit I was just as ill as I would have been if I had quit down from 30, past experience has shown me this. Champix did not reduce the physical withdrawals at all. And now on day 5 I have had a mega craving which has been going on for about 7 hours now, so where is the Champix effect?? Who or what has been doing this quit, me or the Champix?? I think it is me and my own willpower. I apologise for this rant, but I am seriously questioning the logic of putting yet another dangerous drug into my system, nicotine has done enough damage. I don't know what to do now, and I again apologize for this major rant, I really don't want to upset anyone.

Hope everyone is having a better day than me,

Zoe :)

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Hi Zoe I have no experience with champix so I can't advise, I am sure somebody on here can.

Maybe it is your willpower I hope so, I done it with sheer determination because I was sick of it ruling my life.

You come on here as often as you want to, if it wasn't for the people on here at the beginning of my quit I wouldn't be quit now.

Try your best and good luck.



Hi Maria and thanks :) Guess I am just having really bad afternoon and evening although I was fine this morning apart from starting a cold. Didn't expect such a bad crave today it was horrid, and still not quite gone yet lol.

Going bed soon, best part of the day at the mo :(

Zoe xx


Good night Zoe try and hang in there you will feel better after a good nights sleep.

Maria. xx


Thanks Maria for being so supportive :) Your right, a good nights sleep would do me the world of good right now and tomorrow is a new and prob a better day.

Zoe xx


Hi Zoe,

Champix does help even though you don't feel it right now, it could be that you were just having a really bad day. I have had one of those but my OH has had several. You just have to fight through it. You will feel exhausted afterwards but really proud of yourself. Please hang in there it does get easier. It is only your receptors in the brain trying to push you into giving up on giving up.

I am only a few weeks ahead of you so I remember only too well how the first days feel but looking back now I can smile to myself that I got through the worst days and I don't want to go through it again.

One trick I used (probably said this loads on the forum) is a bottle with a spout to drink water, it really helps because you have to suck the water through which mimics the smoking action. Give it a try.

Remember we are all really proud of you for sticking with it. Keep going

Lingy :)


Thanks Lingy,

I guess it was just one of those days cos I feel so much better today:) Took a bottle of water to the park with me and thought of you, you are right it works:D

And going for long walks helps too. Glad I am still on track:D



long walks are my saviour still are even now if i have a tough day i had an argument with my teenage son the other week and instead of thinking god i need a fag i just automatically put the babies in the buggy and walked for ages it seems to be my coping mechanism these days

i think its cause i walked off my cravings in the early days so now its my replacement stress buster


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