Climbing the walls!!

Phew what a day!! I am tecnically in day three of my quit after a couple of false starts as I have now reached 57 and 1/2 hours. But it has been really awful today. I am on day 14 of Champix and although it seemed to help this morning by the afternoon I was a total basket case!! Tears, multiple cravings (I don't believe they only last for 3 mins cos mine went on for hours) panic attacks, you name it I had it!! Don't have a clue how I got through it but I feel a bit better now. Did all I could - read a book (my 5th in five days) and walked miles. Now all I want to do is get through to tomorrow lunchtime cos by then I will have hit the 72 hour mark and all that nasty nicotine will be out of my system, I hope, for the first time in years!! And hopefully the withdrawals will ease off a bit too. And I know I will feel better.

Hope everyone else had a good day today.

Zoe :)

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  • Keep going, Zoe, you can do it! :D

    You are doing the right thing by distracting yourself - I too have found quite a lot of time for reading since I quit! I can't imagine why, but I have been drawn towards stories of doom and suffering, like The Road. What about you?

  • Hi Cathy :)

    I like a good thriller or courtroom drama. And I like reading Jeffrey Archer cos he spins a good yarn. Got through last night without smoking phew! Still feeling edgy though. Am off to the doctor's soon to whinge and get some more Champix :D


  • Hi Zoe

    sorry to hear you are having a hard time of it, and hope that today is a bit easier for you. Do watch your moods, though - it can be hard to tell whether it is being caused by the nicotine withdrawal or the Champix. If in doubt, see your doctor.

  • Hi Mrs T

    Thanks for the advice :) I think it is the nicotine withdrawal as I usually go a bit funny if I go for more than 48 hours without smoking and on previous quit attempts I have always relapsed at that point. But this time I promised myself I would make it to 72 hours as I read that the nicotine will be out of my system then, so I am hoping it will get easier after that. And I now only have 3 hours and 31 mins to go :D


  • Thanks Una :) I'm so glad I didn't give in last night, I would have been so upset if I had :eek:

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