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Hello 3rd week (Champix)

Good morning to day 15. I have been resisting looking at this part of the forum until entitled to do so.

I am very proud of myself to get this far, having got only to day 12 once before, and the difference is Champix. I struggled a bit on days 12 & 13 but found the best way (for me) was not to go and buy 10 but to think just how dreadful they would taste. I would certainly cough, a rough taste in the mouth and I'd stink.

Managed to have 2 pints on Thursday night as well (my first alcohol in 2 weeks too) and had no problems sitting outside with the smokers.

I can feel numerous benefits thus far, but the big ones are not wheezing at night and the sense of taste that seems to have returned in the last 24 hours. The chicken from last night had a taste I hadn't remembered for 20 years, and the citrus in the berries on the cheesecake was noticable and delicious. Food (except hot curry) has tasted bland for 20 years.

Hopefully I will continue onwards. I have to go abroad next week with work which I actually think will help. I used to hate turning up at meetings stinking of fags, and having to nip out for a smoke. Non-smoking airports and hotels used to add to the smoker's sense of persecution, now I will welcome them!

Good luck to all who read this, and everyone on this board.

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Nice one! You had the same idea as me..

I'm also starting my 15th day without the fags! And with plenty of energy to spare today!

I can also really notice the smells and tastes coming back this week.. Keep it up!


Well done both. It's a good side effect too that I find I add less salt and sugar to food and drinks, because I can taste them properly too! Our hearts will be doubly grateful. :rolleyes:


Well done, both of you!

I noticed that I had put too much salt on my dinner this evening... maybe my taste buds are recovering too!


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