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Planning for my first day smoke free

It's day 5 today of taking the Champix little affect so far but I feel sure by the 28th it will have its full affect.

I am eager to stop today but I will follow the instructions because I want it to work.

I have started on a list of things to do in my flat so that can be smoke free and it will occupy my time.

I am also going to save £6 a day in a jar thats what I spent on the poison which =£42 a week which = £2190 a year I will use the money saved for redecoration of my flat. treats, and holidays so roll on the 28th.

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Well Done Viv,

Trust the Champix, I found that the first week really didn't have much effect just the taste of the cigs wasn't quite the same. 2nd week this really kicked in and I found I was smoking far less naturally. A good idea is to try to even out the ones you have and then try taking them out one at a time until you are down to a minimum just before you stop completely. It will help. A bottle of water with a spout to suck through helps if you need to have that 'taking a drag' feeling.

I really didn't think I could do it let alone my OH (he has (oops had :D) been smoking 50 years) but here we are 6 weeks after starting the tablets, smoke free.

Don't think though that it is easy all the time, you still get craves but they are manageable. I still think to myself I wish I could have one but I know I can't and that soon goes. One day I will have a day when they don't even cross my mind.

Good luck and keep on posting how you are doing

Lingy :)


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