Day 11 - Champix - Getting Tougher

Hi all,

So I've managed to get to day 11 with the help of Champix. I found yesterday and today (so far) quite tough actually. This is strange as the first 9 days I felt totally empowered and at ease, super pleased with my resolve.

I will continue to fight it off though - hopefully.

Last night saw my first dream about smoking, I've read others have had these, but I awoke in a panic thinking I'd given in!

Good luck to all fellow quitters.

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  • Hi

    Those dreams are scary I had one a couple of weeks ago. I felt so guilty :o

    Keep going with the Champix. I have found it getting easier and easier to cope with. Next hurdle for me will be learning to do without the Champix :D

    Well done on getting so far and keep it going


  • Hey bafan99,

    Good for you.

    I'm a Champix user...11 days in too, the regimen, not 11 off the smokes...have had only 2 since friday at noon. Take it form me...they taste like

    Stay strong and good luck!!


  • It may help to think a bit about what is in that "tough" package. I have had phases like this, but when I have thought about it, it hasn't really been about wanting to smoke - the Champix is still doing its job. I may have been feeling low, or stressed, and habit made my mind go to smoking as a way of "making things better".

    Try not to obsess about it, and then it will be over in no time. Good luck.

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