Day 45!

Ok the stats are areally starting to get a little scary now! Only 45 days in and that equates to 885 cigarettes not smoked and a "saving" (ha like I've saved a penny!) of a few pence under £316....and I've smoked for 12 years or more....OUCH!

Still trooping through fairly well with little or no trauma to speak of. Had a nice (but very wet) day at Brands Hatch on Saturday with a smoking friend; would have been so easy to spark up but the thought never crossed my mind.

....was quite chuffed with a few of my piccies :D

Can you believe some of these KIDS were only 13!

Also went to see the Bootleg Beatles last night...they were just FANTASTIC! Why's that important....well I've a serious problem with crowds and a packed theatre is like surgery withouth being put under....I didn't wig out or smoke! (not that you can smoke in the theatre but you know what I mean).

So...pretty chuffed with life at the moment. I'm really starting to get in to the exercise thing and am swimming most days. I think I should go to the gym a little more often but swimming is a little lower impact on my knackered back.

I really hope all you fellow quitters are also getting along well. I've been so lucky this feels like a breeze so far but I'm not putting money on it lasting!.....However I shall enjoy it whilst it lasts.


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  • Nice Pics Mart

    And well done for the 45 days although it will be far more now.


  • Great shots Mart. Esp the second one ... but then the first is really good too. Both great :cool:

    So wonderful to read you made the show, and had a great time. Still peeved at not getting your Joe B tickets of last year ;)

    Great quit you got going. Look after it and have a smashing weekend with your family.

    Pol x

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