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Champix - Day 6

I'd like to start off by saying thanks to CathyC, Mrs T, Lingy13, Cyprien and bafan99 for their support and comments on my post yesterday.

I read a lot over the past few days about Champix, and was starting to wonder when it would ever start to kick in for me. I mean that feeling that i dont need a smoke. Well, i'm happy to say that on day 5, it finally came last evening. I was driving and just realised that i wasnt smoking, nor was I wanting to light one up. An me driving without one (never when my daughter is in the car BTW) is not normal.

Got that same feeling again this morning driving to work. I was 3/4 to work before i realised i wasnt smoking. I grinned a bit, felt proud, then the habit of pulling over in the empty lot kicked in and I had one. The great thing about this though, it wasnt "satisfying". Maybe i can start to cut down, skip that break time smoke i'm so used to.

My dream last night was that i was a college professor...LOL...dealing with teens and thier issues...vivid yes, scary no. I was in and out of sleep all night, my wife figures i may have got only about 4hours in she feels she only got that much ;)

Anyways....fight on as they say.


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Glad to be able to help.

Cutting out in between ones worked for me and made it less of an issue to stop completely. I tried to go longer each time and believe me the cigs start to taste disgusting as well :p

Keep up the good work



My cousin quit with the help of Champix about 6 months ago. He did comment that the dreams very very vivid but were never bad.

Keep strong



Thanks for your wishes.

I want to have this "journal" so that people can know some of the real effects Champix had on one person. I wasnt going to write this but it would be unfair to me, and to others looking for help.

Last night I had some really paranoid thoughts. I went to bed before my wife and after she turned out the lights i could hear some rustling sounds, like she was trying to grab something from her night stand. I am not sure if i was half asleep, or it was just one of those vivid thoughts, but i thought she was trying to get a knife to stab me. I lifted my head up to look but it was dark, so i just found her hand and held it. I was able to fall back asleep.

Some may react to that and say "get off the medication" or "you have to stop using it", but I have to keep using it. I'm not ready to stop the regimen.

Just writing what i need to to get through the day.

Thanks for listening



Hi Samartel,

That is a bit scary but it could be a combination of thoughts. I know I had a few dreams which upset me (funny thing is I can't remember what about now). I have a habit of having an afternoon sleep at the weekends and they would manifest then rather than at night.

I would try not to worry but mention it to your Dr or the nurse. It could be that it is just the increase in dose and you may need to stay on that for a bit for it to settle before going to the next stage. They should settle down but please keep an eye on it



Hi Samartel

I agree with Lingy that you need to monitor this, although I have had some Champix induced dreams that have been similar. Part of the problem is that you wake up in the middle of the dream, and you are in that odd state between sleep and wakefulness which can be very disorientating. I would be more worried if I had paranoid thoughts when I was fully awake.


Thanks folks....this is exactly why I thought this sort of journal would help. It allows me to share this with people who may have experienced similar things and later read mine and know I went through it too. I can tell friends, or my wife...but I just hear "thats crazy" or "wow", not in a sarcastic way of course.

If i have anymore like that, i'll talk to my dr asap. And if i get them when i'm awake, I'll know its time to get off Champix.

Thanks again for listening



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