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Champix - Day 5

First time poster. I thought this might help me, the more people that know that i'm quitting, the more to dissapoint right? lol

I have tried everything under the sun but decided I had to take my life back so I started Champix.

So far so good. I set my quit date for Sept 22...but I dont think i'll make it till then. I dont feel the need for that quick morning smoke, same with the lunch smoke.

I dont want to quit early though, i want to do it right.

Yes, the dreams are wild, extremely vivid, but short term pain for long term gain. The hazyness i feel in both my eyes and my head again, are just short term....i have to keep telling myself that.

My wife and I are having a date weekend away from my daughter. She hates, can i emphasize hate, the smell. So i may, if I feel right, quit this Friday. I'd like to post everyday, just to share my experiences with others. Not everyones side effects will be the same, I will post both the great side and the evil side of quitting this habit using Champix.

The only thing i need to tell myself is that this is short term "pain" to get my life back.

I have two reasons for living, my wife and daughter. These are also my reasons for quiting.



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Hi Samartel!

I'm on Champix too, and quit a week ago, on day 8 of taking the tablets. I've stopped having weird dreams now, but my sleep is still disturbed. They said I can lower the dose if I am no better in fortnight, so there are always options out there!

Good luck with your efforts, and keep us up to date!



Hi Samartel

Welcome to the forum, and good luck on the Champix. I have been using it for a couple of months now - stopped smoking over seven weeks ago. I stopped before my planned quit date, because I felt ready. Despite still experiencing a lot of side effects (I still haven't had a proper nights sleep, although it is getting better), Champix has been a life saver for me. After 40 years of heavy smoking, I had really come to believe that I was one of life's hopeless cases, destined to become the disgusting old hag spitting in the street... Now, I am feeling just as confident that I can really do it this time.

As you say, short term pain... Hope that yours isn't too bad though.


Hi Samartel,

I have also quit using Champix. I went right up to day 14 before I quit but I made sure I cut down so I was only having a cig in the morning and evening as I knew work would be the problem (boredom, no support etc). My OH also gave up at the same time and he didn't cut out cigs, although he wasn't smoking as much. He found day 1 worse because he had still had regular smokes. I was going all day at work without so only had a couple of times where the crave was peaking.

I can say it isn't easy but after day 3 things were so much better. I didn't have too many dreams and my sleep was disturbed for a couple of weeks but now I am sleeping through until morning.

Good luck with your quit, I am sure both your wife and your daughter are really proud of you (even if they don't always say it).

Well done




Good luck - Champix is a great help. I quit using it nearly two years ago. Had the vivid dreams too - and a bit of nausea but that was dealt with by eating in the morning before the first tab.

Don't force yourself to smoke -Champix will take away the craving for a cigarette but you still have to break the habit so don't smoke just because you feel you ought to or because you usually do.

Read up as much as you can. Do a search on here - you'll find a lot of helpful information from people who have been there, done it and are still wearing the T shirt.

Good luck



Hi Samartel, I'm a first time poster too, and 1 day ahead of you on the Champix.

I left it until day 14 but only because I was stubborn. The cigarettes tasted absolutely disgusting from about day 4 onwards, and I definitely cut down.

You have all my best wishes for success on this, and I'm sure with this forum we can all support each other. I must be on my 100th quit attempt, but this is the first with Champix. There is a huge change in my mental attitude this time and I rarely get an urge. It makes me so proud that I can light at the end of the tunnel, and now actively imagine situations in the future where I know I would smoke, but won't be this time! My two young daughters have been a lot more "cuddly" towards me in the last few days and I now realise it's because I don't stink!

The dreams however, like others have said, are very vivid. Although some of them are enhanced due to the vivid nature!

Good luck to you, and everyone else on this board.:cool:


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