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Day 5

Ooh, Day 5.

Not feeling to bad at all. Nearly forgot to put my patch on, did think about going with out but decided it wasn't a good idea.

Seem to have lost appatite but that's no bad thing as over weight as it is so may lose some weight, do get the nibbles though.

Every so often that little nicotine man will try to make me waver but i tell him loudly to get lost:D

Must remember to put the money i would have spent in a pot and watch it mount up.

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Day 5 wicked

You've done well getting to day 5 . Tried the patches about twenty years ago and they did nothing for me but that's just me . If they work for you that's great and if you find they are not enough you can allways try something else . Plenty of options out there . I've tried just about everything and am currently using the nasal spray and have found that to be pretty good so far . Good luck with your quit .


These are the invisi patches, never remember who makes them. I have found these are really good. They stick really well, the others normally roll at the edges. These are really soft as well and can't feel them. Also backing them up with the inhalator, not that i using it very much. Only just put second capsule in it.


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