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New - and heart rate in 10bpm lower


I'm just starting day three (well, an hour or two in to it at this time) and I am on Champix (day 9). Sleep isn't happening on Champix, hardly at all, but the Doc has suggested that I stay on it for another two weeks (choosing whether or not to take the evening tablet day-by-day) and then we will review whether I can cope on my own after that. I'll cope.

Anyway, it isn't as bad as some of the press that it has had would suggest. I've had no other side effects other than insomnia and I'm not a great sleeper to start with!

But, what I wanted to say was... I haven't had a ciggie for around 50 hours. My resting pulse was around 72 beats per minute before I became a non-smoker. It is already down to 64 beats per minute.

50 hours x 60 minutes x 8 beats per minute = 24,000

That is, my heart has had to beat a remarkable 24 THOUSAND less times in the mere 50 hours since I have become a non smoker.

I dread to think of all the extra beats over 17 years of smoking...

Good luck and stay strong to everyone else! You can do it! :cool:

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smoking without a doubt increses your heartbeat in the last three months of my smoking career my heartbeat was 100bpm

now i average between 69 and 75 i believe those last 3 months was my body warning me to quit, as it got so accesive


Hey, cool quit date, Boo - all the 1's!

I meant my quit date to be 9/9/11 but I got a bit confused and ended up with 8/9/11 instead! :o


the 8th is better than the 9th u have a whole extra day of freedom from cigarettes

well done on your decision u wont regret it


Thank you, I know that I have made the right decision, and (so far, at least!) I am glad that I have the will-power to see it through!


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