That is it! - no more excuses ive binned a fresh packet!

Thought i would try and find somewhere to post, I think it may help me as i go along my journey.

I stopped 3 months ago using Champix, I came off them as I wasnt feeling quite right. Sure enough i strated with just one a day now back to buying twenty.

Have a chest infection i cant shift, and frankly need to man up it aint going to be easy, and i think sharing it with like minded people may help.

For the first time ever ive just torn up a packet and immediatley went what have I done!!!!

This needs to be the start of the end of this expensive, and dirty habit.


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  • Good luck to you! If you've quit for 3 months before you know what lies ahead, keep us posted about your progress, struggles and thoughts :)

  • Hello Lee

    Your post terrifies me! As someone who has been on Champix for the last two months, I find it scary that as soon as you stopped them, you went back to smoking again. I hope that you are able to stick with your quit this time - in some ways, the chest infection ought to help, although I remember many times when I smoked through bronchitis, even when it hurt to breathe...

    Good luck

  • Hello Lee

    I think posting regulary will help you stay strong

    no one in my life is quitting smoking

    i need to know that other non smoker exist

    i need to share the journey .. theres and mine

    that im not the only one going thro this

    mysterious and challenging process

    this is the first and only time ive quit

    in 29 years ... i had no idea what to expect

    it hasnt been that bad ... but ive had loads of NRT HELP

    Best Wish's with your quit xx :)

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