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No Smoking Day
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Flying, earthquake, hurricane STRESS

Have just got back fron New York where I went to help my sister and her baby while she was undergoing chemo. It could have been the most stressful time of my life but I definitely think not smoking made it so much easier to cope !! to be truthful it did cross my mind to get some ciggies on the eve of the hurricane but the thought of 15 flights of stairs with no lift put pay to that ! and am so glad it was only a passing thought


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Well done, that must have been a very stressful time for both you and your sister, you deserve a big hug.


Jackie x


Hey You :)

Good to hear you only had passing thoughts about smoking in such situations. Understandable, but isn't it so great that they just pass on by with no lingering traces to distract us.

Stress doesn't seem to bring on any passing wants with me. However, momentary thoughts in a 'reward' situation sill fleetingly cross my mind.

All the best to your sis for good recovery.

Pol xx


Hey duckling, sorry to hear about your sister, hope she gets well quickly! Well done for sticking with your quit through some hugely stressful moments, the fags would have made things just worse as you know. Best wishes. x bella


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