No Smoking Day
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Hi de hi campers

So 28 days already so I shift up to the month forums.....budge over.

No cravings or desires over the past few days which is good. Been pretty stressed also due to some throat issues. Essentially i've felt like there's an obstruction down there somewhere which at times has made swallowing difficult. First stop is a course of antibiotics to rule out a gland infection. If that doesn't budge it then it's off to investigate "other" possibilities.

I guess we'll see how stuff goes eh!

We have a quiet weekend for the first time in a while so I think it's time for an autumn clean.


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Well done Mart on getting to your 28 days.

Sorry to hear your not feeling too good but hopefully it will clear up soon.

Have a good weekend



Well done for making through your first month - that's brilliant. The throat thing sounds just like my husband had on his last quit - it really bothered him, and went on for a few months, but proved to be nothing serious.



28 days, that is fantastic. :D

I hope you feel better soon .


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