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Day 10

This is my first post. Ten days into my quit (cold turkey) and not doing too badly. This is not my first quit but I am so determined that it's going to be my last... Previously quit for a whole year and then made the stupid mistake of thinking I had beaten it and could safely have a couple. Before I knew it, I was a fully fledged smoker again.

Drinking lots of water and 'treating' myself with cups of tea and by chewing gum when the cravings strike. Also sticking to the 'one day at a time' principle. If you look too far in the future you will always find an excuse to put things off. So just focus on today and getting through it without smoking. You will feel brilliant.

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Good for you Bear you are sounding really positive, you must have been gutted after a whole year:eek:

Best wishes this time.



Happy for you for deciding to give up again! I hope that this quit goes well for you :)


Thank you both, I hope so too. Reading all your posts is really helpful. Had a wobble last night where I really wanted to smoke and felt quite angry but so happy today that I didn't succumb!


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