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Day 12: Marijuana dreams and twisty moods


Okay so weird thing happened to me last night. I dreamt I was in a nightclub somewhere in outer space smoking pot. And I have never ever smoked pot. Anyway this is the second time I've had this dream since my quit. It's always that space-night club thing with spanish looking people who smoke marijuana.

I was in a bad, foul mood for the rest of the day. GRRRRRR.

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I've had some freaky dreams that seemed to have been triggered by quitting. I can't say I've ever visited a space club though.....:cool:



Wish I was in that dream!!!

I'm constantly dreaming during the night often smoking in the dreams but no pot yet. Often wake up thinking my quit has failed. Guess that's my anxiety. My trick has been to try and enjoy the dreams but that's easier said than done. I'd rather have a decent night's sleep though. Keep up the fight!!!


Haha! Actually in my second week I also had a lot of dreams about smoking, and I never smoked in a dream before!

I think maybe you smoked marijuana in your dream, because you now associate having a cigarette with something "wrong". In your waking hours you've spent so much time thinking "you can't smoke, you can't smoke" that subconsciously you think of it as doing something illegal. In your dream that is represented by your "cigarette" being marijuana.


i had a dream that i was arguing with some people in a club ...

and decided to walk home ... was half way home and thought WOW ..I havent lit up a cig ... i really must of given up smoking :)


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