My First Attempt

Ok so I am going for day 1 today. I realised this morning that I hadn't made a proper plan, so I gave it some thought and realised that I am not gonna make it without some NRT. And also that it is so silly to keep some "just in case ciggies" - we all know what happens to those :rolleyes: So I decided to get some patches and an inhalator. Had to pace up and down for an hour waiting for Boots to open as its Sunday! So I got the 14mg patches, as last time I had patches they were too strong and made me ill. And an inhalator for backup. And I still have the e-cig for dire emergencies but I would have to be very desperate to use that cos of the awful taste yuk yuk :eek: So I am wearing a patch now and it does seem to be helping - not craving now so maybe I got the right dose this time. And in spite of what I said yesterday about healthy eating I have eaten loads of crisp already lol! But whatever gets you there is what I say.

Zoe :D

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  • Hi Zoe,

    This is my first time too and so far I'm on Day 4 also using the patches and an inhalator :) I've found reading through the posts/threads on here are a great help also loads of tips :) Well done xx:o

  • Hi Monroe and congrats on getting to day 4 :D I am only seven hours in so you have gone about thirteen times as long as me lol!! I am starting to feel a bit edgy already at the thought of going all night without smoking and this is always my downfall. Think I better start puffing on that inhalator quick!

    Zoe :D

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