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Have no appetite

One of the worst things about smoking is that it suppresses my appetite, which on the one hand is good cos I am a bit overweight, but on the other hand it is so bad cos I am really keen to get into healthy eating, e.g plenty of veggies, but when I smoke all I want is junk food - crisps etc., so I suppose it is a vicious circle - if I smoke I will eat junk, cos I eat for the sake of eating, but if I quit and got really hungry I would cook and eat good stuff?? I think I would cos cooking would give me something to do. And if I am properly hungry I feel like healthy food. Lol this post is a bit rambly but I know what I mean - does anybody else?


Zoe :o

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Let's see what you're posting after about three months smokefree Zoe. Most of the ladies on here say they look like beached whales at that point, eating everything within reach. We men are more controlled about what we eat, mainly raw veg, muesli etc. I put about seven pounds on, but, with a strict excersise regime I'm now back to my ideal weight. Stopping smoking has brought so much to my life but it hasn't stopped me telling fibs. If it helps you stop smoking, eat whatever you want, sort that problem when your quit is stronger. David


Thanks David :)

I'm glad you said that cos I just bought crisps and choc in spite of good intentions!! But I guess we can't do it all at once lol at least I can't!!

Zoe :o:o


For me personally my apettite hasnt changed since not smoking even though its only been around 18 hours.


You can always go for a walk when you feel like a binge. I like eating Celery or carrots and stopped eating chocolate i also get on my exercise bike too. But do whatever you feel happy with because at the end of the day at least you dont smell like an ASHTRAY. Good luck Zoe and well done. Jacqui


I've gained a lot of appetite since I quit smoking 11 days ago. But really that is a good thing because I am much too underweight, and I used cigarettes instead of healthy food.


Thanks for the comments guys and gals :)

And my quit is now on :D But that's a different thread.

Zoe ;)


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