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One month and 2 days

Hi everyone.

It has been over a month now since I last had a cig and I feel great, and so proud of myself :D

I very rarely even think about smoking anymore. I've always said I don't want to be smoking when I'm 24, and I turn 24 on september 7th so theres every chance I can do this and I have faith.

I still have the strong determination not to smoke and every day without cigs is a good one :) Most of my mates smoke and I've been out drinking with them and it doesn't bother me now. I've failed on previous quits when I've been out with my mates and had a drink, especially when the weather's warm but I think I've learnt now N.O.P.E lol.

Thanks for reading.


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Every Day Without Cigs Is A Good One!!!!!

Congratulations're doing great.

There are NO advantages to smoking!!!!

Keep Up The Good Work!!!!



congrats dan!!! quite an accomplishment!! its a great feeling to know that you can live happily without smoking!! i never thought that i would be able to stand around smokers while they smoke and not feel the need to have one:eek: but that time has come!!:) alll the best and keep it up!


Thanks d.j and Im a quitter :D


2 months today

Hi everyone just thought I'd post an update of where I'm upto in my quit. It's 2 months today since I quit. Overall I'm doing quite well, I have around 2 and a half weeks to go until I'm off the patches. When I'm around my friends who are smoking it doesn't make me want one but I do stare at the smoke a bit lol. I think the hardest times for me are when I see people smoking on the TV or in a film, it's like they make it look 'cool' and it makes me think I could just have one, but then I think about the negatives that come with smoking and the cost of it so as long as I do that I think I'll be ok. I'm looking forward to coming off the patches because I'll be nicotine free, and I'll have an extra 15 quid a week in my pocket :)

Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone's quit is going well and will be sucessful.



boo !!

Hi Daniel :)

remember me ?

long time no speak .............last year I think .........excellent quit going now wont go back now . I have had lots of blips as well :(

keep going .........we need to catch up from last year ok ..........but hey we will do it and will meet you in the penthouse Daniel :)

so pleased that your quit is going so well x


Yeah I remember you skylark, good to hear from you :)

Thanks, are you on a quit now? If so how long have you done?

I done eight months then started smoking again spring this year :mad: lol. Hopefully this will be my quit for good now though, penthouse here we come.


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