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Weight issue

Hi friends ,

I'm new to this forum , but i was reading your threads before . i want to thank everybody here , those informations and your experiences has helped me a lot and now I'm on my 8 th day Cold turkey .

a short history : i'm a 24 years young man , i was smoking about 15 cigs per day for 8 years

most people who want to quit don't want to be gain more weight , well i want . i'm a skinny and i think smoking has stopped my body development while i was teenager , the problem is today is the 8th day and i don't notice any extra pounds !!!!

my question is : how long must i wait until i will gain some weight , this is 50 % of my quitting reasons

thank you

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First of all welcome to the site and well done for quitting.

Quitting does change your metabolism and this causes a lot of people to gain weight. As does eating everything in sight to stop the cravings :)

However, if you are seriously underweight you shouldn't be relying on the quit to gain it: you should speak to your doctor about a diet that will help you increase your body mass index, and perhaps look at some muscle-developing exercise as well.

Quitting is fantastic to do for its own sake, and great for your health, if it has extra advantages then that's fantastic, but it's not like waving a magic wand over your life, so don't expect miracles. Use this new healthy you as an opportunity to review other aspects of your lifestyle!

Good luck,



Hi Wild,

Hey I might be the perfect guy you can ask :)

I gained a LOT of weight since I quited smoking, the problem is that I liked my body before - meaning I am getting fat ;)

I am 25 years old guy and I quited cold turkey too. Because of that I know I would miss having something in my mouth and starting buying snacks like crazy. The key to get really fat really fast is to overeat. Have a big breakfast and munch 2 snacks(chips, protein bars, sweets, and at least once a day-nuts) till lunch - eat everytime you feel like smoking. On lunch don't buy salads!!! Eat red meat, bread, potatoes, rice. Eat appetizers - anything fried!!! Eat hot spices - they boost appetite. Drink normal cola. 2-3 more snacks before dinner - which should be around 9-10. Its essential that dinner should be late!

Dinner is where the fun is - every second day I used to eat a pizza and drink 4-5 beers with it and 1 big bag of potato chips. Beer is the secret - you should open the first around 6.30 - 7.00 pm. Drink 2 before you order the pizza you will get very hungry. When the pizza comes eat it very fast while drinking your 3rd beer - remember to eat fast, because you can finish it before you realize you are already full. After that drink 1-2 more beers and eat the spicy big bag of potato chips while watching a movie. I was managing to eat moderate size pizzas that way (600-800grams) 1 big bag of spicy potato chips and drink at least 2 litres of beer that way.

Also, DO NOT exercise!!!

Have fun!!! :D:D


When I get off the floor and stop laughing I will answer, I can’t believe it, you are the first person to actually be looking for that side effect of quitting, but here goes, it takes about a month for the weight to really come on and then us ladies will be saying boo hoo I have put x amount of pounds on and I want to lose it but you are so lucky that you want a bit of extra weight and I am sure you will look better for it and positively feel better for quitting as well, so now you have got to day 8 CT stick it out it can only get better, remember though that you do not want to put on fat you want muscle so get exercising as well and then you will get a great body that is not only looking good you will also feel good and quitting has so many amazing side effects that you will not regret it I promise.


looool , i'm not underweight (i don't have a number right know ) but i want to be heavier .

i already did 3 footings , 10 km for each during my 8 days of CT so no room for fat , and guess what : today i went to the beach and Short's belt was tight :D

so i guess that my project is in the right track :p


Anyway, its completely wrong to run when you want to gain more muscle. Running is for, well someone like me. You need power training at the gym 3 to 4 times a week, lifting heavy weights. Rest of the time eat and sleep plenty.

Trust me on this.


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