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day two

i thought day 1 was to easy. bit harder today, i missed my morning smoke,really missed it. did not give in.:). had a hugh coughing fit and spat tea over my laptop,in the middle of a cafe!!!. i was not expecting to start coughing like that, it,s worse than when i smoked. decided i need cheering up so i've got a bar of chocolate for later. 8 hours and i'l be in to day 3.

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good for you m8....first 3 days are crap i felt like pap in mine ...but once yr through them its gets easier, but just no matter how bad you crave or how mental you feel or whatever it is DONT SMOKE!!! .... is a waste of money m8 and thats all you werent born smoking so just cause you did it for a while dont mean you gota do it the rest of ya life.


The coughing can be quite bad when you quit. All the little cilia in your lungs which have been flattened down with all the crap you've been inhaling, start to stand up again and do the job of clearing out said crap. It can make you feel tight chested, some people cough up loads of crud (sorry to be gross). But it's all part of the healing process, look on it as a good thing!!

Keep on keeping on.

H x


congrats on keeping strong! it can be hard but so worth it!! just think that your body is cleaning out all that crap you have been putting into it so this will have an effect,,,its worth it though so keep it up!!


Well done on getting to day 2 buddy! I am now there with you :)


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