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Day 2 (Again)


I am on day 2 now.. i tried to quit a while back but failed, but this time i am more determined than ever, i have stocked up on lozenges so i have enough to last till christmas!!!

I am finding it ok today, my head feels like i have slight headache but other than that it is good, i have noticed my tounge is also starting to look normal which scared me when i looked in the mirror haha....

I also have a lot of mucas build up in my mouth but i have read this is normal so i not worrying about that.

I am allready looking forward to day 3....

Has anyone one else when trying to quit started drinking green tea? I have just started drinking it for health reasons, just wondered if anyone else did?



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Good luck mate, I am only on day 4 but hey you will have ups & downs like me.

All the best with your quit buddy.


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