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Nearly 7 month for the new year quitters, who's still with me?

Hey guys,

I am still going strong, feeling really good and still upbeat about my quit... today, for the firt time, I touched a packet of fags.... they weren't my own, and I didn't smoke any... I was getting into a cab and the drivers fag were on the chair... I aknowledged them and I picked them up and commented that I had given up at the start of the year.... I didn't even feel tempted.:D

how are you all getting on??


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am still here

well done vikki feels great doesnt it

i still feel so sorry for smokers they just dont know how good the taste of freedom is

i love my life i love not coughing, i love not wheezing, i love not worrying on a daily basis about my health, i love walking, i love messing about with the kids playing running around games, i love not smelling awful, i love going out not being tied to a rountine of fitting in a cigarette, i could go on and on but its late lol i just love non smoking me and all the benefits



I'm still here and going strong. Looking forward to the 7 month milestone next week.

Life is good. It's very rare that I even think about ciggies now. I've joined the gym and I now feel ready to lose the stone and a half that i've put on. Putting on weight was the one thing that put me off quiting before but it's a small price to pay to be smoke free. I'm hoping to be able to say in January that i've been quit a year and i'm back to my normal weight!!!!!


Congrats to all of you!

Wow, was new years really that long ago??? you've done so well and have a great attitude :)

I hope there are some more of you out there!


Still here,

Well done Vicki, I did a similar thing with my bro's ciggies, sort of thought of them as an old memory and my mum said to me yesterday that she is so glad I quit as she used to worry all the time about me, so that made me feel good. Well done everyone!

Jill xxx


Still here, and passed the 7 month mark a week or so back. Feel very proud of myself.

In general I've been fine for the last few months, although I had a major crave last week (a number of reasons) which hit me like an articulated truck and nearly did for me. Since then I've been a bit antsy, and thinking about smoking a lot but it's improving.

Most of the time it's happy happy all the way. I hardly ever use an inhaler these days, and I used to have one with me constantly. I don't cough any more. I'm calmer and happier.

Onwards and upwards to the penthouse. It's going to be a cracking party when the Jan quitters get there!!! So glad so many of us are still going strong.

H x


Well done to all of you, you should be so proud!!!

To a long and happy smoke free life.



I'm still here......... lurking in the background ;)

I still have some craves/feelings of missing something but i know it's only an old habit that isn't fully out of my brain yet :rolleyes:

Been offered loads of cigarettes over the months but not once have i been tempted by the offers:)

Here's hoping we all make it to the Penthouse! :D


im still here!! congrats to everyone on making 7 months! i cant believe i havent smoked for 7 months!! wow!!

such a great feeling and iv also been in cars with smokers and touched ciggs and never felt like going back..iv just worked to hard..i also have been going through such a tough time now with a smoker and i havent taken one puff--it did cross my mind but i talked myself right out of it!

good luck to all....8 months here we come!:D


Well that's seven of us from the Jan quitters...

I'm so chuffed that we were such a strong group. That's really a pretty good success rate, and I'm sure there are more of us too.

More than halfway to the penthouse. It's going to get busy in there come new year's day! We should all make our entrance doing the conga.

H xx


lol!! agreed hels..conga it is and party all nite long!



I am not great at the conga, I haven't enough co-ordination to hold on and dance and kick my legs and the same time but I will tag along behind you's lol.

Jill xx


I'm still here, still going to the gym and started up bike riding now as well, which I woukld not have been able to do properly if I still smoked. Well done to everyone else as well.



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