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No Smoking Day
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freedom starts tomorrow!

my 5th and final attempt starts tomorrow. final because i will do it!. i am looking forward to it even though i have no choice. made redundant last week and i can't afford to smoke!. silver lining and all that. :) i've also promised my 8yo daughter i'l cycle to her house,30 miles away,in 1 day before the end of the summer hols!!!. good luck to the other 1st day'ers.

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well done steveo, sounds like a truly great decision, and those 30miles will taste so sweet, you will be the proudest dad in town :) keep on posting and keep on reading, it really helps to keep you focussed!


Well done, great decision!

Good luck with the bike ride. I'm doing six miles a day at the moment, can't even imagine a sixty mile round trip! :D

One day at a time. You can do this.

H x


Good luck Steveo :)

I'm an avid cyclist myself, at first I could only ever manage about 20 miles but now with my lovely new lungs a leisurely cycle at the weekend would be no less than 60 miles, so you'll be cycling to see your daughter in next to no time :)


thanxs for the support. blondie 72, 20 miles!!!!!!!!!. i cant manage 3 miles yet. thats smoking for you. body willing but lungs cant get enough air to keep the body going. i've decided to walk/stagger up hills to get the heart pumping and build up some leg strength and endurance. i;m trying to reverse 35 years of smoking and for last few years 40 fags a day. gonna take a while. thanxs again for the post and giving me something to aim for.:)


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