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Day 1 Quitting Champix Journal (with updates)

Hi Everyone,

I got really sick with the flu and decided that smoking was just stupid so I went to the doc and got a script for champix. I've been keeping a journal of my days as I go.

Quick background info.

Pack a Day Smoker for 10+ years with a break in the middle quit for 2 years. My brother told me how much easier CHAMPIX made quitting for him so I thought I'd give it a go, I've tried pretty much everything else in my attempts to quit. The one time I quit before was cold turkey but stress got me back on them 3 years ago.

Quit Day – July 15

Day 1-3 (One Tablet, Morning 0.5mg)

Day 1 – July 8

No side effects. No noticeable difference early in the day to my smoking habit. But afternoon cigarettes seemed to offer less in the way of enjoyment

Day 2 - July 9

First cigarette of the day I've noticed that I didn't get that nicotine hit and that the cigarette tasted pretty average without it.

Smoking less already because the cravings just aren't happening so often and I think its more the habit of having a cigarette with coffee or after dinner than cravings.

Day 3 - July 10

No cravings, smoking less about ½ of what I’d usually smoke and not finishing the cigarettes as they are tasting like a bit yuck.

Day 4 -7 (Twice Daily, Morning and Night, 0.5mg)

Day 4 – July 11

First day back at my stressful job after 7 days off. A little bit of nausea this morning, about 30 mins before it stopped. Will start taking pills with food, oops.

1 cigarette took me through to lunch but had 2 with lunch and 1 to take a break from work in the afternoon. (These are the habit ones that’ll be the hardest to kick but totally free of the mad cravings I’d be suffering if I smoked this little normally)

Main concern for today is taking this nighttime pill because I have a history of mad crazy terror dreams when I’ve used patches to try and quit in the past.

PS The cigarettes are starting to taste awful and I think I’ll move up my quit date to the 13th and continue cutting down in the meantime.

Day 5 – July 12

No night terrors to report. I got up this morning and took the pill with food, no nausea.

Skipped the first cigarette of the day, second, third right up to lunch. Tried to have my post lunch cigarette, usually one of the best, put it out after two puffs. If tasted AWFUL! Looks like today is my quit day.

Update 4:30pm and still no smoking besides those 2 puffs.

Day 6 - July 13

No nausea still. Really vivid dreams and I'm moving around a lot in my sleep. Woke up at 3am laying across the bottom on my bed was really disorientated and fell off the bed. LOL was kinda funny once I worked out what was going on.

Didn't smoke anything today. Even the smell of cigarette smoke is a major ICK!!

Day 7 - July 14

No nausea still. Last day on half dose and going pretty strong. Had some cravings today after work - the first time since going on champix. Still haven't had a cigarette, although I was really tempted a few times. When I go to full dose tomorrow this should be sorted out.

Day 8 - end (Twice Daily, Morning and Night, 1.0mg)

Day 8

Slight nausea today probably due to higher dose. Woke up again last night on the end of my bed. Vivid dreams again but no night terrors. No cravings today so far.

It's lunch time and I'm going to post this journal online now. I'll come back regularly and update this in the hopes it'll keep me positive and maybe help someone else decide to quit!

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Good going you!

Hi there,

Really interested in your post. I'm on Champix too for the past 17 days. Had a blip in my second week for quit day with some stress going on at home. Felt stupid and weak and considered giving up the effort and coming off Champix. Since I started on it nausea not too bad [comes and goes]--dreams crazy and waking early [4-5 am] every night but riding this one out, resisting getting up and mostly dropping off back to sleep. Can't see the point in getting this far with side effects so quit day is tomorrow!!!!!

Good news is like you my cravings are reduced I'm sure, smoking is no pleasure and doesn't taste good. [It probably never did to be honest!] In the last week I've used only a quarter of my usual tobacco intake which is remarkable for me the usual heavy taker. As I speak I haven't smoked today 11-20 am.[ dry run for tomorrow]. The 1st one of the day is always as soon as I get up whatever time of day or night UNTIL TODAY AND IT'S NOT TOO BAD! So what's all the fear about then? to trick me into thinking I can't cope without smoking? Get lost!

Other bad news is I'm grumpy and not nice to be around just now. Not too bad left on my own but I don't want to give those I care about a hard time UNLESS THY REALLY DESERVE IT !!!!! Enforced anger management on a desert island would probably do the trick but for now I'll have to visualise that. Maybe I could call my new found aggression "ASSERTIVENESS" and make it work for me. I'm sure there's away to be NICELY bad tempered.

Oh the other good news. Went out for a drink yesterday and didn't have a fag [deliberately just to prove that I can---AND I CAN!!] I know these associations are tricky but don't let them take you prisoner.

So, thanks again for your post. YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION!!! Get in there and ditch this daft habit .

Well done !!!! looking forward to tour next instalment.


Installment 2

Day 8 Continued

Well. I went out last night to the gig and it was great. Friends band launched their new EP. I had a great time, had some drinks and even hung out with everyone outside the venue after it finished even through they were smoking a bergillion cigarettes.

Have to admit that I was slightly tempted but that was just the inclusion factor and some small craving but I did cheat a bit and look my night tablet early (5:30pm) just to be sure I was covered when I'd be weakest.

Day 9 - July 16

Slight nauseas today but nothing unbearable. No vivid dream that I can remember but that might be the alcohol induced deep sleeping.

Woke up fine and early, went for a walk and made breakfast. I'm feeling the cravings a bit this morning but I'm fighting them off. Sat / Sun as I suspect with a lot of us are our heavy smoking days, well they were for me because I'm not locked up in an office all day during the week. Lots of smoking associated behaviours on the weekend.

@Julie1. You can do it ! You are in there with many days invested in this so if you have blips or snags just pick yourself on up, dust off and get back into the fight.

I have beat myself up in the past when I succumbed to the urge to have a cigarette and its just a terrible loop you just end up feeling worse and smoking more. Know that you're only human, give it 100% and fight through those urges. They only last 3-5min so go make a cup of tea, take a photo of your kids in the back yard, do some gardening, 10 pushups or whatever. A good idea is to make a list of things that take about 10 mins to do around the house and any time you get that urge tick one off the list. That way you're doing something good for your house / family / life and you're still quit :)

With the change in temperament I told everyone around me that I'm quitting smoking and yes I may be irritable, snappy, slightly loopy or out of it over the next few weeks and asked them to understand that it is my addiction talking if I am acting out of character.

Congrats on getting out there and testing yourself and pushing those boundaries. I think some of the addiction demon is of our own making we worry so much about how hard it will be to quit that we make it a bigger problem for ourselves. Keep strong, stay quit and I'll be keeping an eye out for your posts.


Good going!

Hi again champix partner!

You're doing great and spurring me on.

Day 1 quit day today for me. I MEAN TO STOP Only had one yesterday at 7pm [ ie dry run to beat the 1st of the day] didn't enjoy it. Had intended to finish the rest I had left but couldn't be bothered and chucked them away this morning. stay in touch through your posts, I'm looking forward to them.



Your doing it, congrats Julie! Its more possible then people realize. Im on day 11 (knock on wood) of quitting. No smokes at all (on patch) I am not going to smoke, i know that, its still hard. Im so happy for you!!


YAY for Champix. I'm on it too (for the umpteenth time) on Day 11 and I'm being super good as I'm only on 0.5mg twice a day so the receptors in my brain aren't shutting down as quickly. Stressful on the willpower but I am winning and this time I will win the war.

Glad you aren't having any night terrors. Can't say I have had that many dreams of note but the few I have had have been hysterical and extremely know the sort when you wake up and think WTF was that all about??? Hee hee.

Anyway good luck, keep on plodding Champix dudes. It's pretty awesome being a non-smoker isn't it?


Yay for Champix!!!

Hi and good to hear from you. Day 11? WOW! Day 4 for me and I'm accepting that each night brings one of those WTF was that all about dreams. I've never had this kind of resolve before to stop smoking.

Keep it up.


Update Day 10-13

Been a few days since I've updated so through I would pop on and say Hi Julie1 and welcome ThisShallPass & Nikkikl. Great to see everyone going well on their quit journeys.

So Day 13 on champix, 8 days quit and going strong !

Haven't had anything new in terms of the side effects, just the weird dreams still kicking on. I've had a quite a few random cravings but nothing that can't be dealt with.

I just detach myself from them, like looking in on the reaction from outside yourself. Its kinda like saying to your body "you're having one of those withdrawal things again, its just a reaction so don't worry it'll pass." (sounds crazy I know but it helps me)

Thanks to you all for stopping by and helping me with quitting and keep me posted on how you are all doing.

Keep strong, stay quit and I'll be keeping an eye out for your posts.


Hi there Ed

Great to see your latest post. Nearly 2 weeks---brilliant!!!!!

Day 5 for me and no fags. Been up since 4-30am. Couldn't sleep but it could be worse--- I could be smoking. Already amazed I've got this far. If you can do 2weeks so can I!!!

Not smoking isn't half as difficult as you imagine it's going to be before you stop. Something about doing it maker is less scary.


Day 15 - 10 days no smoking

Well gotta say today Quitting just got hard again. I got up this morning in a massive rush and forgot to take my pill till I had a wave craving sitting at my desk at work.

Luckily I carry them in my bag so I've taken the pill now and working hard to distract myself.

How is everyone else doing today ?

Keep strong, stay quit and I'll be keeping an eye out for your posts.



Moving Over to Week2

Hi All,

I'm going to move on over to the week2 section now that I am 10 DAYS QUIT

Thanks for all your support, comments and positive "you can do it" attitude. It really has made all the difference in getting this far.

eD :)


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