No Smoking Day
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The Inner Demon

The inner demon in my mind

I know won't easily be resigned

Flutters eyelashes, starts to flirt

Says one little puff

Is not going to hurt

Why not just cut down

A little reduction

I will not give in to this seduction

Now in a tantrum it starts to curse

Warns me things will get much worse

I'm getting wiser to these tricks

It is it NOT ME! who needs the fix

Day by day it will loosen the grip

No longer call the shots or crack the whip

And when my body feels healthy and whole

I will know it is me who has control

You were never a friend, just loathsome and obscene

I never want you back, foe nicotine

Poetry, painting, storywriting, knitting, the Gym......Whatever is your buzz is hated by the nicodemon, i have been finding that out on my 3rd day.

And whenever the cravings have got to their worst i have had a pad and paper to hand scribbling like crazy! :D

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Wonderful...Enjoy the Quit Ian...When you get those terrible craves say.....

YIPPEE-----I'm having a CRAVE.

Take Care


ps Interesting music.......I'll listen more later...I love TRANCE/VOCAL TRANCE.

Music can sooth the craves.


Hope you enjoy douglas, it's more Prog Rock as you listen to more, but i have been told that some of my stuff sounds Trancey :)

Hope you are enjoying the quit too :)

You take care too my friend

((((MANLY HUG)))))



A Present To You.....

Get through the first few weeks----BE STRONG-----and you'll be fine!!!

MANLY HUG:eek::)


Ahhhhhh love Tangerine Dream :)

Still have my worn out vinyl copy of "Phaedra" :)

Keep on keeping on :)


I'm getting wiser to these tricks

It is it NOT ME! who needs the fix

love it! and day 3 already! a great achievement, you'll be on a week before you know it, how good is that gonna feel :) ><5mol<er


:)well said


like the poem ian!:D, very clever! & very true :)


Thank you KitKat :) xx


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