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news! relapsed quitter reaches week 2 :)

its good to be in the week two forum for a second time, i think one of the things that saps the confidence of returning quitters is seeing so many stumble in the first few days after returning, as i did myself right after my last quit collapsed, so it definitely feels good to have got here :)

nothing to report really, i had a minor wobble this morning when i realised i was out of patches, despite having promised myself i wouldn't let that happen! but its all good, managed to cope until the chemists opened :D

having got here i'm starting to wonder when will be the best time to come off the patches, last time i only stayed on them a couple of days, but i feel like using them a little longer this time, perhaps even a couple of weeks more, but we'll see how it goes, maybe i'll have a trial day without next week to see what its like :)

good luck to all of you! ><5mol<er

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Well done 5mol<er!

great to see you back on the wagon straight away, and good to see that you are dealing with it ok.

i know you can build it back up to the level you were at before, so good luck in your journey!


Well done mate, see you in the Month Room :)


You're doing grATE!

See You In The Penthouse-..... 1 day AAT.:)


Well done Smoker, good news :) nice to see you back into it...and sounding a lot happier!


thanks peeps :) no wobbles today, although just before putting my patch on this morning the fleeting thought came that i could just go and smoke, but it was easy just to tell that thought where to go :D day nine feels good, day 10 will feel better still :) ><5mol<er


Hi Smoker. Just to say pleeeze 'stick' with the patches (HaHa!) - I'm a couple of weeks ahead of you and have just survived a day of massive cravings which I was really hoping would be over by now. It was because I was in a different situation - I was coping fine while doing the 'normal' things in life but being a) abroad and b) helping someone to move house I kept feeling that I wanted my usual treats/pauses etc. Am so pleased to say that I resisted but never expected it to be so hard at this stage.


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