time to up the ante

day seven and feeling good and positive about the quit, but its not enough, so time to up the ante,

the reason is that one of my big excuses for smoking was that i found i worked better if i was smoking, but obviously that is one of the classic smoking myths, and what i need to do is find a non-smoking way of kicking myself into actually doing something useful!

so i thought posting here would be good :) i am now off to do useful things, wish me luck!!


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  • trying putting Jeremy Byle (mis-spelt purposefully) onthe tv, always makes me want to go out and.... well just go somewhere else and do anything else really.

  • hehe, thanks chillihound sounds like a good tip! i don't have a tv though so i've never heard of jeremy byle, sounds like i'm not missing that much :)

    so far not doing too bad on the being productive front, i'm half way through an essay i'd been avoiding since quitting, though i must admit that i'm spending more time reading forum posts than usual! you could write a pretty decent book just by putting together all the useful hints and tips found on these pages :)


  • Hi Smoker, 7 days is cool :) nice to hear your feeling positive.... hmm smoking & concentration, rewards! .............. Like you said its just an excuse and a reason! well done you for keeping at it :)

  • phew, i feel like i've been here all day typing, how can i only have written 917 words!! microsoft word lies, its the only answer, if i could cound beyond 100 with any confidence i would prove it!!

    'hmm smoking & concentration, rewards!'

    yes, rewards is what it is! i always had a cig as a reward, i need one now (a reward, a reward, not a cig!!!!) can someone give me a gold star or something, i've been so good today! lol


  • Here you go and very well deserved i'd say


  • yaay! now that's what I call a star!!!!!!!!!!!!

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