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No Smoking Day
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strong urge to smoke this evening following house fire

Hi guys... last week it was my driving test... this weekend my mum's flat was destroyed in a fire... well, it was actually arson. anyway, this evening I was shocked by the strongest urge to smoke in months... I know it was the stress, but it was soooo tempting... I know that had I have followed it through I would always have known that I was making excuses to smoke though!

Fortunately, my mum had recently moved into sheltered accomadation following cancer... she couldn't manage the stairs anymore... she is not homeless but after two years of trying to sell the flat she received a letter today confirming the buyer was ready to exchange, GGGGGRRRRRRRR

as for the rest of the block... the fire brigade have declared the entire block uninhabitable so 40 families are homeless... crazily, it didn't even make the local news... given the rubbish they usually report an arson attack that leaves that many people homeless isn't "sexy" enough to be reported!!!


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Wow that's rough Vicki, I feel for you/your mother.

Good luck in getting everything sorted and well done for sticking to teh quit - reckon you've proved how strong you are now and can deal with any situation without the weed



Well done on not smoking, I know how hard it is sometimes. You are slightly ahead of me but I still find it strange that the cravings still hit us. That is a hard situation you have been through, treat it as another milestone and give yourself a pat in the back.

Lets hope they catch the f**kers that did it! The world would be a better place if people like that where taken out of it.

All my love to you and your mum.

Jill xxx


Goog god that's totally grim. Thank heavens your Mother wasn't there when it happened. Some people are beyond despicable.

Really well done on not smoking, it would have been a good "excuse". You did brialliantly


so sorry to hear this vicki!! people are horrible to do something like this!! good job on staying quit..i know its not easy!! i feel for you and your family..many thought and well wishes coming your way!!


In a sea of awfulness, at least you can stand proud and say your quit didn't crumble. And that is something really amazing under the circumstances.

So sorry to hear about all your troubles. Really hope they catch the scrotes who did it. xxxx


thanks everyone... it's been an odd few days to say the least...

they have caught the CHILDREN(!!!!!!) that did it... but at the mo the structure is so unsafe that the can't do forensics. the fire brigade can't even go in until the structural surveyor has had a good look because there is a suggestion the floor above my mum's is going to collapse...there is a such a lack of info about the situation, its the most stressful part now... trying to get the police to reply to messages is the thing that would drive me to smoke now ;)


just an update...

very relieved to see that the damage isn't as bad as we were first led to believe... there are walls, windows, cellings and floors. there are parts of the flat that are still dry amazingly. having said that, its gonna take up to a year before its inhabitable again as the floor above has been writen off and there is no roof left.

its been a very stressful 4 days.


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