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No Smoking Day
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one month- no wings!


Have just come to the end of a Whole Day without even a nrt lozenge! :)

this the first such day for a very long time. It is also a whole month since my last lapse, which was prompted by missing a flight, but also by family who smoke.

Have resolved to be more strongminded and avoid nicotine altogether, even as nrt, since I've had so many lapses on the nrt that I've been on it since last july-

so I feel I deserve to try something different- as a matter of fact my teeth do too, the nrt has led to my teeth getting wobblier and wobblier.

Previous experience (last year, when I hadn't smoked for 11 months) leads me to believe that my gums will firm up again considerably as I continue to Not smoke-

which in any case is a prudent policy considering the state of my bank balance and the calls on my pennies.

I went from 4 lozenges to none in one fell swoop because I can't get down any further (believe me, I've tried. If I dare to have one lozenge it is very soon 4 or 5 that day).

So now I'm going to treat myself to some me-time.

best wishes to all quitters

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Great job, Eleanor!

Well done.




Hi Alex,

thank you for your kind encouragement.

I think I'll be fine when I get used to feeling so slow in the mornings.

Meanwhile, I'm concentrating on thinking of the saved money.




To myself

Hi folks have just eaten two choccy eggs and three ice cream cornets :o as a celebration of three days quit from nrt!

I'm actually not even craving anything at the moment.

Stats are, three days quit nrt equals 12 to 15 mini lozenges the less= £3.00 saved!!

Also my gums are 3 days less poisoned.. :cool:

Love you folks, I find this site so helpful !

bye now :D





Thank you for your kind comment. Feeling a bit less positive this a.m., hayfever/cold/sinusitis + sugar hangover (BLEEURGH).

As a result of this my brain feels like fog.

Some exercise would probably help but I had trouble sleeping last night cos it was unusually mild, so I'm feeling bone idle as well.

Must try to pull myself together and do something!

all best,



Thanks Karri

Yeah it is but I retreated in the face of an allergic reaction this morning. However I am now feeling better and have been out. Nevertheless feeling rather glum; I suppose it's finally sinking in that this is is it. Doesn't help my husband has just gone back to work after just 4 days off, and is working this weekend and probably all week as well knowing him. Also my usual friends are child-laden with half-term.

:) eleanor




fell for the ice-cream thing again last night, felt poorly again this a.m.-


read your kind answer Karri and followed the link very interesting, much what I was told in no-smoking group years ago, you see this is my umpteenth quit, there has been so many I've lost count, so I owe it to myself to make it work.

Am just going to watch the Derby see if Queen's horse wins then a bit of housework then "Gardening" (go buy paper and spend rest of day reading it).

Have you given yourself a quit date yet? having one of those can be helpful.

Also have you tried all the zyban etc type of thing? they helped me a lot one time. It's like you say, it's staying quit that 's the hard part.

bye now



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