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Hello all

I'm into my 4th month now and I wish I could say it's been ok, but I have to admit I am struggling somewhat! The first few months were great, I was really focused and enjoying everything about being a non smoker.

The last two months however have been a struggle, would love to light up and it's only my family and probably you guys on here that has stopped me.

I will continue to fight this, it's a daily battle, well I suppose it must be for me. Thanks for your support, it's really appreciated.

take care

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Stick with it Shaun, don't ruin 100+ days of hard work !


Shaun, exactly the same thing hit me just after I got to 3 months and lastest for quite a while. I think it's because I expected to feel so different having come so far along - but I didn't!

You just have to look at the (seemingly) little positives, if you know what I mean. Your achievement must not seem big at the moment but concentrate on the little things (e.g. when you scratch your nose you don't smell cigs on your hands, you can go up/down the stairs without getting too out of breath, you're no longer planning when you need to get your next pack cos you're running out etc). They may seem like little things but they all add up - and a smokers life is MUCH more difficult and stressful than a non-smokers.

Just hang in there, it really hit me when 6 months just how amazing being a non-smoker is... pls cherish your quit. Why don't you look back at old posts to see how far you've come? Maybe that'll help :)



You don't say of anything has changed in your routine to make you suddenly want to smoke again (DON'T!!!). I'm curious if have thought about whether anything might have triggered this, and if there is anything you can do to avoid and/or overcome those situations? Oftentimes, understanding the root cause can help you work your way through the situation.



Stick with it Shaun. It will be worth the effort!


Hi Shaun, please don't smoke!! I have been finding things really hard for the past 2 weeks but today I feel much better ! I have hArdly thought about smoking at all! I'm still feeling down but haven't given in so if I can get past these bad times so can you. Give urself a big pat on the back you have come so far, do u really want to go back to day 1? That's where u will b when u find that it's nor the smoking u miss it's the routine or the reward!! Don't do it!! X


Hello all

Thanks for your comments, you have all been really helpful. You will be pleased to know that I have remained smokefree and I continue to gather inspiration from all the post on this site.

Once again, to those who responded thanks a lot and to the rest, keep up the good work.

Take care


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