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Approaching One Month

Tomorrow I will have quite for a whole month - much longer than I have ever achieved and I do believe this is it - I have quit for good.

I have no problem with smokers around me - I just look upon it as being something I used to do, but not any more. I am so enjoying the freedom being a non smoker gives me. No longer is my time dictated by where and when I can get my fix. I went out for a meal with family at the weekend and previously, I would have been excusing myself from the table as soon as I had finished eating and left everyone to go stand outside. Not this time, and I didn't give it a thought. The only time I did think of it was when I could see my husband (who has not completely given up) get more and more agitated in the car as we left. He had no cigarettes and was really starting to feel it. I felt sorry for him.

I have proved to myself that if I put my mind to something, I can do it. I want to take this new knowledge to other areas of my life and make some changes. I have shown myself how strong I can be. I know this journey isn't over but I truly believe I won't ever smoke again. Am I just one of the lucky ones, or am I seriously deluded?!

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Hey Mrs CP, great work, I'm only a day behind you, just make sure I don't overtake you !

No way are you deluded, you've done what you set out to do and become a healthier person, I do always think though that weaknesses exist so none of us can afford to be complacent.

Holiday season coming up and I can't remember the last time I laid on a beach without smoking, I think it'll be a big challenge to mentally overcome these reminders.

Good luck !


Brilliant Cindy , sounds to me that you are fully in control of YOUR quit and enjoying your new found freedom.

Best wishes for month 2.:D



Am I just one of the lucky ones, or am I seriously deluded?!


First of, GREAT JOB on having been quit for one month!!!

I think in fact you are one of the lucky ones, because most people seem to have quite some difficulty, particularly in the beginning. I'm the same as you inasmuch as I'm strong-willed and dismissed any thoughts of smoking, but I have come to realize from being on here (I'm at almost 7 months quit) that different people can experience quitting in many different ways.



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