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need help

I nearly 6 months into my quit now and the last week or so Ive really been struggling. Every day at work around the same time of the morning Im getting really strong cravings and its killing me.

Ive put so much into my running right now that I know I wont smoke but really worried about after I cross that finish line. And my brain is playing the usual tricks, like youve come this far so its OK to smoke now. I want to be rid of smoking and nicotine for the rest of my life but the desire is so strong :(

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Hi Dave

Congrats on getting this far - I find the trick is to not think to far ahead, as your feelings change from day to day.

Out of interest is there something that you do regularly at the same time every day?? If so you might find that by changing your routine it helps.

Anyway good luck and stick with will get easier old boy!!!


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