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Day 5

Hi everyone, I didn't post yeaterday for day 4, but it went smoothly no major craves. Today as been my strongest day so far, for the first time on this quit I had no crave when I got up this morning. I find the mornings the hardest, seen as I didn't crave this morning I was debating whether to put a patch on or not. I decided to put one on though I thought I'm not taking any chances. I'm quite happy with how far I've come and maybe even a little proud ha.


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Hey Daniel, well done, we'll forgive you for not posting yesterday. You are doing really well and if the patches seem to be working stick with them. Hope to see you post tomorrow.

Go for it.



Thanks Jack & Karri. Yeah the patches are definately working and I have over a weeks worth left so I'll use them til then (touch wood), then decide whether to stay on them then.


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