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Hiya all On monday it will be 2 months smoke free :D i've only just held on, had a funny day yesterday went to a friends house (who smokes) to watch the royal wedding and spent the day and most the evening i didn't think it would have been a problem for me as i've been out and not smoked a few times, even with alcohol involved

I struggled most of the day craving for cigs, and friends, partner, my kids had said how miserable i had been not smoking (which just made me feel worse) so by 9 last night i went out and brought 20 cigs and a lighter at that point i really wanted to smoke really bad:(, but the weird thing and the thing i don't get is that i got as far as taking one from the packet and just held it for a little while before putting it back in the packet and haven't smoked any! they are still in my bag (which i plan to give them to my mom later)

I'm quite confused really over whats happened :confused: i'm spending alot of time trying to work out if i want to smoke or carry on with my quit, i think the fact that i haven't smoked already means i've already answered my own question lol

I feel like i'm just holding on and wondering if all this is worth it


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Hi Jane I think you realise you have come too far to smoke now, what would be the point. Your partner and kids say you've been miserable, but they have to realise that your body and mind has to get used to not having nicotine now and that takes some time. I have been quit for over 10 weeks and I'm still not myself I get good days and bad days, but I am not going back to being trapped by cigs again. I have been close to smoking a few times, my hubbie still smokes but he has supported me and only smokes outside, and Roll ups only about 10 a day I was 20 cigs a day. Do you really want to go back to being ruled by a stick, think of the reasons you stopped in the first place. I think you know the answer why you didn't smoke. Take care. x


Hi Jane,

Glad to hear you didn't smoke them. I also got to 2 Months on 28.4.11, so I am now on my 9th week, but I don't seem to get a craving, I just sometimes think about them.

And the same as Betty I have a Husband that smokes outside, and he also has given me support and says that I am doing very well.

Just keep thinking positive thoughts :) and yes you will be miserable because I have been the most hardest person to live with its all part of the quit, we all go through it so you are certainly not alone.

I think also you have to remind your family that this is a very difficult thing to do and some days will be good and jolly and others gloomy. But you will get through it remember it only takes 3mins to get over a craving.

Is it really worth lighting up a stick to smell like an ashtray and pump them chemicals into your body.

Well done and good luck this forum has helped me and many people on hear are fabulous, you can have a rant whenever you like we are all here for one another.

Hi Jane ,

i did the same thing at day 8 ... but bought it ... and as soon i walked out the shop i put them in my pocket and had a hysterical laugh because i did not even want to open the pack ... It was just the idea that i needed to smoke ... as soon i bought it i realized that i could smoke any time if i wanted but i actually did not want to .. a few days later i even opened the pack but put it back in the drawer at my desk ... thats where the pack lies getting old .. i have to open the drawer many time during the day .. they don't even bother me anymore ... funny thing is that I always notice when i am about to leave the house ... before i always checked my bag that i have wallet , keys and cigarettes ... and lighter ... now e i feel a bit naked leaving the house ... but it always makes me giggle .. when i realize that i don't need to take these bloody smokes with me anymore ..

It just makes you realize you have always a choice and you choose the right way ... good luck .. on the further path ... and congratulations you did not give in

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