Day 3

Hi everyone, today as been a good day for my quit. I found this morning abit tough but not as bad as yesterday. As soon as my patch starts to work I'm fine. I don't even think about smoking that much, it's just getting past the first 20-30 mins of the day, I'm sure this will get easier as the days go on. My energy took abit of a dip today too, but it's nothing a red bull couldn't sort out.



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  • Good for you daniel. Get over that inital Grrrrr feeling in the morning and all is well lol. My first day tomorrow so you keep showing me how to do it ok???

  • Lol... Yeah will do, I'll look out for your day 1 post tomorrow :) Are you using NRT or going cold turkey?


  • From previous experience, cold turkey is not for me. Will try to manage with lozenges, but have patches just incase. xx

  • Yeah same here I can't do cold turkey, I can only go a few hours then I cave lol. I hope your quit works out for you :)

  • I really hope this will be your quit as well. It will be if you want it too. Remember, in a moment of despair, post on here. When you have 5 replies (of support) make your choice then. Give people time though (ie working hours) bet you won't want to then. I am going to do that with this quit. Not try to ride it out for days 'n' hours on my own then cave. Silly, silly, silly. Everyone here (including me) is here to help & pull you through :D

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