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day 15 and i had a bit of a cigarette :(

done so well, but today with all the anxiety and depression i been getting i felt very suicidal and felt like i was gonna self harm. so i ended up having half a cigarette :( does this mean i have to start all over again like it's day one? as in like my mind and body reacting like it did the first time???

i'm not gonna kick myself for it, as i'm still pround and i've put my patch on now to help.


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No it's a blip, it happens, continue with your quit and forget about it.

You're into your 3rd week and done so well, don't give up or in, just refocus your mind to your resolve.

If craves are really biting at you then put a patch on, have a bit of gum, suck on a inhalator, shout, scream, spit or whatever it takes but do NOT blip again.

Remember NOPE (Not One Puff Ever)


Hi, can't remember which method you are using to quit. Either way, I would suggest if these feelings are persistent that you advise your gp. He/she will be able to help you deal with them. :)

Good luck and do keep posting.




Most of us suffer from rather a great bit of anxiety and depression over kicking smoking thing, but I would rather strongly suggest that you go and see your GP with haste regarding any suicidal thoughts. Few of us are able to quit unscathed; I am still not banging on all eight, and it has been well over three months, but suicidal thoughts are another matter entirely. Please, please, please run and see your GP and ask for advice.

Please let us know how you are doing.



mrredknapp........ day 1 again? I don't think so. Not for the sake of half a fag. You have your patch on, you want to beat it. Job done, forget it (learn from it) and move on.

As for the self harm feeling. Whatever method you may be using go to see your GP, please. I remember years ago getting so angry I would rip things up and just go crazy. Not a good place to be at all and you need some support. I think my reaction was panic in hindsight, and thinking about it further I actually used to scratch myself, crikey, seems like a life time ago. Only just remembered. Go to your GP, ask for extra help. if they sound unsympathetic, push for it & tell them exactly how you feel, no matter how hard it is.

Wishing you all ther best,, we will all be here for you. xx


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