No Smoking Day
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4 weeks done !!

Today i have achieved the 4 weeks mark of no smoking. All in all its been good, im certainly feeling the benefits, more energy and my breathing is easier. No problems being around smokers and having a drink. :D

Tomorrow i step down on my patches to the 14mg ones. Im a little apprehensive but im going to stay positive coz thats one step closer to getting rid of nicotine for good.

My cleaning spree is still on going lol! Decided to clear out my cellar arghhh so much shit to get rid what do i do...ahh lets have a bonfire yeah!! it was hilarious i felt like a proper fire starter. Dont worry the fire brigade was not needed, it was all under control.

I'll let you know how it goes. Best of luck to all of you in your quits xxx:o

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Well done Jo - 4 weeks is fantastic! Good on you!! :)


Well done Jo, another milestone passed. Keep up the good work.


congrats on 4 weeks!! you are well on your may tak a bow now!!:D


Fantastic news Jo :) I know I keep saying it but you have quit so gracefully.

You must be REALLY posh if you have a cellar :eek:

LOL Karri, My mid terrace is very lush hahahaha!!!

Thanks everyone for your kind words, its what keeps me going. Hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine :D:)


Lol Karris, its all in the wording. Love it :)

Iv felt i bit anxious today, but i think that is down to the step down in patches. Its nothing major, i just carried on with my decluttering and getting rid of anything that hasnt been used for a while. At this rate my house is going to be of the minimalist style hahahaha, ah well less to move when im cleaning.

Was chatting to my mum today, she is still getting the achy lung thing and said she can taste smoke sometimes. I think its all the crap leaving her body. Dont know if thats right but it makes sense to me lol xx Has anyone else had this?


*Karri* sorry xx


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